Dona Ana Fire Alarm System 16 Billets

Dona Ana Fire Alarm Sytem 16 Billets


Contract Number: W9126G-17-C-0109
Contract Award: September 29, 2017
Contract Value: $837,065.00
Completion Date: March 20, 2018
List of Key Personnel: Project Manager, Superintendent, Quality Control Manager, SSHO
List of Major Subs/Trades: Communication, Electronic Safety & Security, Electrical

Description of Project:

Aztec Contractors, Inc., was the Prime Contractor that provided all plant, labor, tools, material, equipment and supervision to perform all work in accordance with basic contract, specifications and scope of work. The work included tenant, improvements that included and were not limited to providing a complete and operational fire detection and alarm system for sixteen billets located in Dona Ana Base Camp at White Sands Missile Range, NM. Aztec provided and installed alarm detection devices & mass notification systems for sixteen barracks. We provided and installed two smoke detectors, two carbon monoxide detectors and two manual stations approximately five feet from the door in each billet. We installed a mass notification system for each billet that included a speaker/strobe, local operator control (LOC) with microphone. We provided and installed the necessary fire alarm control devices to achieve transmission from each individual billet to building 8183 mechanical room and building 20709. The work also included running all conduits with fiber from each individual billet to the mechanical room and verifying and testing existing fire alarm panel devices, mass notification, and equipment to confirm transmission signal from each billet to the central station.