Texas Department of Health & Human Services Tenant Improvements

Client:Texas Department of Health & Human Services
Location:El Paso, Texas
Date of Contract Award:March 14, 2016
Contract Value at Award:$184,888.00
Awarded Completion Date:July 29, 2016
Actual Completion Date:July 29, 2016
List of Key Personnel:Project Manager/Site Superintendent/ SSHO
List of major subs/trades:Flooring & Painting

The Texas Health and Human Services Facility tenant improvement project was bid and awarded to Aztec Contractors, Inc.; this project included the beatification of an existing facility, without the disturbance of normal working hours by its staff. Our contract included areas of upgrades in replacing carpets, new installation of carpet tiles, new vinyl flooring throughout and the complete repainting of its interior.

Keeping a very strict mandate of operations function on a daily basis, assuring the facility is free from tools, debris daily and disguising work in progress from the facility’s customers. Our completion was an on-time project with a strict schedule driven by our management team, coordinating professional assistance with our sub-contracting force, allowing for a very pleased customer.

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