Sustainment, Restoration & Modernization (SRM) Package 16

Client:Department of the Army
Location:Fort Bliss, Texas
Name of Contracting Activity:Multi-Phase Multi-Discipline Renovation
Date of Contract Award:9/28/12
Contract Value at Award:$854,073.16
Awarded Completion Date:June 15, 2013
Actual Completion Date:March 4, 2013
List of Key Personnel:Project Manager, Quality Control, Superintendent
List of major subs/trades:HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Selective Demo, Drywall

Aztec Contractors, Inc. served as Prime Contractor for this Multi-Phase Multi-Discipline Renovation project. Major scopes of work included civil, new construction, renovation, demolition, electrical, mechanical and communications. Hangar Floors Sealing: Hangar floors required simultaneous seal and paint of 232,000 SF total hangar floor area in Buildings 11203, 11212, 11308, and 13400. Major scopes of work included prepping, sanding, and application of polyurethane. This project required full coordination and communication with the Government to move aircraft in-and-out of work areas. Safety Lines and Traffic Mirrors: This project involved painting yellow safety lines on warehouse floor and installing traffic mirrors at Buildings 1109 and 1110. Approximately 1,650 LF of 4” safety lines were installed on warehouse floors and 18” convex-quarter dome traffic mirrors at exterior of bay doors. Add Quiet Rock: This project required the installation of5/8” Quiet Rock at Building 11685, a highly secured, fully operational and occupied facility. The work   required remove/replace a portion of drop ceiling and raised flooring to provide new Quiet Rock wall in SCIF rooms 1051 and 1068 at Building 11685. Existing carpet was carefully removed and placed back. Communications and electrical were furred out to accommodate the new installation. This highly secured area required that all construction personnel be accompanied by Government escorts throughout the work site including grabbing materials and using the restroom. Additionally, all tools were inspected prior to starting work. Renovate Restrooms: This portion of the project required renovation of the existing Men and Women’s restrooms located inside Biggs Park to include floors, walls, ceilings, electrical, plumbing and upgrade of HVAC system.

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