Temporary Fence at Chapin High School

Client:Department of the Army
Location:Fort Bliss, Texas
Name of Contracting Activity:General Contractor
Date of Contract Award:7/11/2012
Contract Value at Award:$18,115.00
Awarded Completion Date:11/19/2013
Actual Completion Date:2/15/2013
List of Key Personnel:Project Manager, Superintendent
List of major subs/trades:Welder, Skill laborer

Aztec Contractors, Inc. Prime Contractor installed approximately 80 linear feet of 1-1/2” diameter welded pipe railing; install metal hand railing along each side of existing concrete slabs (slabs over ditch).Paint metal railings with one coat of primer and two coats of paint (enamel). Clean, and prepare surfaces as per paint manufacturer’s recommendations.  Remove existing rip-rap stone as required for the placement of concrete footings.  Patch/repair to match existing.  Place 1’-0”X2’-6” concrete footings and embed pipe railing into piers (embedment of pipe 2’-3”); total of 24 each footings. See attached sketch for details, location, and dimensions. Install new chain link fabric (9 gage) at each side of existing pedestrian bridges’ ramps. Fabric shall be attached to the outside of the existing metal railings (top and middle), and shall include a tension wire at the bottom.  Pedestrian bridges are located at the intersection of Ellerthorpe Ave- Dyer St, and 13th Cavalry St-Chapin High School.  Install new 1-/2” diameter pipe (metal) railing. New railing shall be attached/welded to the inside of the existing top railing. Maintain a 2” clear space between existing and new railings.  Prepare and paint existing and new metal railings with one coat of primer and two coats of enamel paint. Color to be selected by the Government. Pedestrian bridges shall be maintained open at all times during repairs. New fabric shall meet Federal Specifications RR-F-191/1D, and RR-F-191/4D.

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