Contract Number: W911SG-17-P-0373 
Contract Award: September 8, 2017 
Contract Value: $ 63,753.68 
Completion Date: October 5, 2017 
List of Key Personnel: Project Manager, Superintendent, Surveyors, SSHO 
List of Major Subs/Trades: Surveying

Aztec Contractors, Inc., served as the Prime Contractor providing surveying services, including furnishing all personnel, plan equipment, transportation, and materials required in connection with seventeen (17) different locations. Four (4) locations of Fort Bliss, TX, one (1) location on McGregor Range, NM and the twelve (12) locations on Doña Ana, NM. The work included establishing horizontal and vertical ground control, obtaining plane table/cross sections, digitizing map information, generation of the topo maps, and field verification. Aztec followed the requirements as specified in the EM 1110-1-1005, Control and Topographic Surveying and EM 1110-1-1003, NAVSTAR Global Positioning System Surveying.

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