Dyess Air Force Base

Client:Department of the Air Force
Location:Dyess Air Force Base, Abilene, Texas
Name of Contracting Activity:Multi-Phase project
Date of Contract Award:9/26/2012
Contract Value at Award:$460,313.68
Awarded Completion Date:5/28/2013
Actual Completion Date:3/28/2013

Description of Project: Aztec Contractors, Inc. served as Prime Contractor for this Multi-Phase project which required the retro- commissioning of nine (9) existing buildings at Dyess AFB, TX. The purpose of this project was to restore the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems back to their optimal condition.   Aztec identified and evaluated problems, executed light repairs, and implemented operational and maintenance enhancements to improve energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and indoor air quality. Using sensors, site studies and investigation were performed on the following systems: Chiller Plant, Cooling Towers, Boiler Gas and Water Usage, Air Distribution System, DX Air Conditioning System, Building Automation and Energy Management Control Systems, HVAC Control Systems, VAV Boxes, Heat Load, Hydronic Systems, Plumbing Systems, and Building Exhaust Systems. The commissioning report recommended repairs and adjustments for improved sensor calibration, piping and duct systems, flex duct reconnections, operation/control parameters, building pressure, sequence or set points, and temperature devices. In conjunction to the site study and investigation, various repairs/upgrades were made to outdated fan and blower motors, relays, and exhaust fans. Both the study and repairs were conducted in fully occupied buildings, most often in occupied office spaces. This required daily coordination and communication with the Government to avoid workplace interruption.

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