Contract Number: 18-080 
Contract Award: June 4, 2019 
Contract Amount: 23,248,851.00 
Completion Date: Pending 
List of Key Personnel: Project Manager, Project Engineer, Site Superintendent, Site Safety and Health Officer 
List of Major Trades: Roofing, Concrete, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Site Work

Coach Archie Duran Elementary is a new school built in the Northeast side of El Paso, Texas. Located at 5249 Bastille Road, the new elementary school replaced the 60-year-old Dowell Elementary School and unite the communities of Schuster, Dowell, and Crosby in the consolidation of the three schools. Coach Archie Duran has a 900-student capacity with classes starting from pre-Kinder to 5th Grade. Coach Archie Duran Elementary has a state of the art architectural & modern amenities. The campus includes a new kitchen with cafeteria/dining area to accommodate all students. Area “H-K-I” has a Multi-Purpose Room with a Music Platform, Cafeteria/Dining area with large Kitchen, P.E Equipment. Area “A” (1st Floor) has Administration Offices including Conference Rooms, Principals Office, Counselors, Nurses. Area “E” (2nd Floor) has the Media/Library, Computer Lab, Teachers’ Lounge and Book Room. Area “B” 1st Floor has classes for Pre-K & Kindergarten Students, etc. Area “C” 1st Floor has classes for 1st Grade Students, Special Education Students and a Teachers Lounge, etc. Area “F” 2nd Floor will have classes for 4th Grade Students, Art & Science Classrooms. Area “D”1st Floor has classes for 2nd and 3rd Grade Students. Area “G” 2nd Floor has classes for 5th Grade Students. Outside Campus has an Open Soccer Field, Basketball Court, Outdoor Play Courts, Hard Play Courts, Outdoor Play Structure & Surfacing, Amphitheater, School drop off drive way, Fire Department Access Aisle, Parking Lot for Service & Faculty, and landscaping.

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