CBP McKeel Housing Area

Location:Presidio, Texas
Date of Contract Award:February 18, 2016
Contract Value at Award:$250,583.00
Awarded Completion Date:September 1, 2016
Actual Completion Date:August 28, 2016
List of Key Personnel:Project Manager/Site Superintendent/ SSHO
List of major subs/trades:Flooring

In an effort to improve the life cycle cost for flooring, eliminate tripping hazards and unsightly conditions and improve air quality conditions in CBP’s housing inventory, Aztec Contractors, Inc is collaborating in this fixed firm price/hard bid project in the removal of the existing carpet and existing vinyl flooring shall at 24 mobile housing units located in the CBP McKeel housing area and replaced with new vinyl interlocking plank flooring (LVT)in all areas of the existing 24 mobile units.

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