Build-Out Interior of B-1646 at Sere Camp

Client:Department of the Navy
Location:SERE Camp, Warner Springs, Naval Base Coronado, San Diego, California
Name of Contracting Activity:Design-Build, HVAC
Date of Contract Award:9/29/2012
Contract Value at Award:$481,094.91
Awarded Completion Date:6/28/13
Actual Completion Date:6/28/13
List of Key Personnel:Project Manager, Superintendent, Quality Control Manager
List of major subs/trades:A&E Firm, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Alarm Wet and Dry System

The intention of the project is to design and build 8 (eight) additional bedrooms, new fire protection sprinkler system, new HVAC ducts, and to modify/upgrade the existing fire alarm system in building 1646 at SERE Camp. We provided all design, planning, labor, transportation, materials, supplies, equipment, and supervision necessary to accomplish the task. Our staff mobilized equipment necessary for the project and set-up lay-down area. We were responsible for all demolition utilized on this project and for removal of all debris. All new walls were prepared, primed, painted to match existing color. Furnished and install new vinyl cove base in the rooms and corridor, color to match existing. Furnished and installed new steel fire rated doors and frames to each bedroom new door hardware to included mechanical push button locks w/lever, hinges, automatic door closer, door stop, door threshold. Installed new 120 V duplex receptacles in each new bedroom, installed per NEC. We installed new light fixtures and switches in each new bedroom and at the each end of the new corridor. We installed new suspended ceiling grids, ceiling tiles for bedrooms and corridor. Designed and install new insulated metal and flex HVAC ducts above the ceiling tiles and was connected to the existing HVAC units serving the building, and was extend to all 9 (nine) bedrooms, the bathroom, and the new corridor. Provided and installed an integrated fire alarm and wet pipe suppression system capable of notifying building occupants and controlling any fire that may start inside the facility. The fire alarm included manual stations, system smoke detectors, duct smoke detectors, line voltage single-station smoke detectors, heat detectors, audio/visual alarms, electrical supervision of all sprinkler system alarm to include new underground water main to serve the new sprinkler system.

Aztec Contractors Inc. was selected as the recipient of a PWD Naval Base Coronado Safety Through Awards and Recognition (STAR) program award for outstanding safety performance during the execution of the project. This award is a notable achievement and awarded only to those companies which have demonstrated a corporate proactive safety posture throughout the life of their contract.

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